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Our Management

Mrs.N.T.kayalvizhi is a good listener and communicator, willing to work hard to understand the needs and desires of others. She treats others with respect Her care and guidance has motivated staff to stay involved and grow professionally. She updates herself and includes new teaching methods to enable kids to easily grasp and learn new subjects. She is a good event organizer as well. The institution has been growing in leaps and bounds under her able leadership.

Admission Process

Admission is made either by pre-registration or direct registration for each academic year (June - April). Forms are available at the school premises. Almost all our students are from the neighborhood. During the admission children birth certificate and parents ID copies are collected as a precautionery measure. Contact numbers are checked and filled up in the registration form.


Small Wonders follows its awn internally published study material which covers the basics like picture identification, oral, matching, colouring activities, handwriting practice and speech practice.

Teaching method

Every kid is taken are of with full attention. We have a student teacher ratio of 115. Teachers use scripts, dialogs, rhymes, flip chart and other study materials to help the students to understand and learn easily. Teachers enact the rhymes so that the kids are able to easily understand and follow what they are being taught.

Extra Curricular Activities

Apart from regular academic activities, extra curricular activities are taught to motivate and stimulate mental activities. Vie also encourage our students to participate in drama, art, cultural activities, yoga as well as sports events.

Teaching Staff

Talented and experienced faculties are placed to communicate with parent and to create bonding with the newly admitted kids. 1:15 ratio of teacher to students is maintained in order to identify the likes and dislikes of kids. Teacher encourage the kids to speak write, learn and play.

Term Performance

Once in every 3 months children are evaluated for their oral, picture identification, matching and writing skills. Each and every students performance in class is observed and rated in stars. Among all the students best 3 topers are selected. Gifts and certificates are distributed in appreciation.

Talent Show

During the academic year teachers are able to identify kids potential and their likes and dislikes. Based on this kids are asked to participate in dance speech, drama or fancy dress events. This enhances the self confidence and enables them to win over stage fear, shyness and crowd fear. All kids are nominated for their talents.

Facility Description

Small Wonders is a nice brick and mortar building that is well maintained. The interiors were completely redesigned and painted with an "underwater" theme. Seperate chairs are provided for kids. 1:15 is the teacher student ratio. Small Wonders has a ball pool, books cart, play area and playroom, where kids are entertained.

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